nokia headquarters logoThere have been plenty of vague rumors and leaks about a purported Windows tablet from Nokia.

According to a new report, the tablet from the Finnish company is going to be called Nokia Sirius, for starters.
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Google Nexus 7 UpdateGoogle is rolling out an Android 4.3 update that reportedly does away with one of the few issues that have plagued the new Nexus 7 since its launch – the bug related to a malfunctioning multitouch, according to a new report.

The new Nexus 7 got launched in a blaze of glory and euphoria last month in Google’s Android event on July 24th.
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dots android appThe gap between the number of quality apps available in iOS and Android continues to reduce by the day as two of the most notable and beautiful iOS apps in recent times have been brought to Android at last.

The apps in question are betaworks’ Dots: A Game About Connecting, and Yahoo! Weather, which as the name suggests is from Yahoo! Inc.
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new google nexus 7The new Google Nexus 7 has been touted by all and sundry as the first Android tablet to comprehensively better an Apple tablet (the iPad Mini, specifically) in almost every single way.

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive across the board, but there seem to be plenty of emerging reports about various bugs and issues plaguing it.
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samsung galaxy tab dropbox offerOnce upon a time, Samsung tablets used to be the foremost alternatives to buying Apple iPads, and they had the added advantage of being based in Google’s Android mobile OS, making them cheaper and yet attractive to users who were invested in Google’s content ecosystem.

Their recent tablets have been abysmal though, from either pricing or hardware standpoints (or both), and they have seemingly ceded the positive buzz that they once had for their products to the likes of Google’s Nexus 7 (both old and new), the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and even some Lenovo tablets, if recent reports are to be believed.
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cliffhanger android appThe Android ecosystem still has a rather undeserved reputation for engendering poorly designed apps, despite the serious efforts undertaken by Google to make the Android dev experience much more cohesive than ever before.

However, the persistent critics of the Google platform probably aren’t aware of some of the amazing work being done by the indie developers out there.
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Google Nexus 7 UpdateA new report indicates that Google may halt its successful relationship with ASUSTeK Computers in making Nexus tablets, and go on to line up LG as a replacement instead.

Google has managed to make a name for itself by teaming up with OEMs like ASUS and Samsung for manufacturing Nexus devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets with direct software support from Google itself.
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 specs get leaked

by Anurag R on August 5, 2013

amazon sign kindle fire hdThere’s a new scoop about Amazon’s much awaited successors to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7” and 8.9”) tablets from the folks at BGR.

The specs of the new pair of tablets have been leaked, and they’re top notch, but will remain as affordable as their predecessors.
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nova launcher android appThe stereotype that Android phones and tablets have come to be associated with is that they tend to have poorly designed UIs and are predisposed to lag and stutter through even mundane actions such as opening the app drawer.

However, the customizability of Android makes it possible to make both those problems go away (at least to a large extent), thanks to the large number of custom launchers available in Google Play.
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Should you buy the new Google Nexus 7?

by Anurag R on July 28, 2013

new google nexus 7The new Nexus 7 has been getting some rave reviews from the media since its launch on Wednesday, and with good reason.

However, if you’ve got your doubts about this new slate from Google, read on to know our verdict on it below!
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