1000 Apps for HP TouchPad in Four Months

by Monica Samuel on October 5, 2011

It’s been four months since HP TouchPad’s launch and it already has 1000 tablet-optimized apps for it on App Catalog. This, in spite of HP pulling out of webOS device development and effectively axing all webOS devices including TouchPad.

To put this in perspective, it took almost a year for App Catalog to have the same number of webOS smartphone apps. Even iPhone doesn’t boast this app development speed. The thousand doesn’t even include the homebrew patches and apps that are also available, nor the smartphone-optimized apps that are available to HP TouchPad via the emulator window. The App Catalog has a total of 10,000 or more apps for webOS devices.
The growth in apps can be attributed to the changed development and deployment scenario. HP TouchPads are in the hands of a huge number of people today, a few of whom are webOS developers. There is now an established user base for webOS, and the developer platform too has matured. Developers don’t have to pay per-application submission fees either. All of these factors have encouraged growth in the webOS development community and brought more innovative apps to the tablet.
If this is the state when HP TouchPad has been liquidated, how would it be if HP had stuck to its guns and supported the tablet a few months longer? A less than $400 and more than fire sale pricing could still have moved a good number of tablets to turn things around. Head here if you want to show your support for TouchPad and webOS.
HP TouchPad already has a dedicated Facebook app that’s still missing on the top tablet of this year, iPad 2. There’s also Kindle, Angry Birds, Typewriter for text entry, HP Moviestore (from RoxioNow), 7digital MP3 Music, Viewster to watch movies on five devices at one time, TextOne HD for cross platform chatting; SMS/texting; and email, TIME magazine, USA Today, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated magazine, eBooks with iStoryTime based on the DreamWorks Animation movie “How To Train Your Dragon”,  business apps such as Citrix Receiver and Egnyte Cloud File Server, Box (50GB free), QuickOffice, educational apps such as Audubon Birds, Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List, iCookBook, FlightPredictor HD to get notified on flight delays, etc., and many more.
Do you have an app you’d like to see on HP TouchPad?
[via preCentral]

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malcolmsuperstar October 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm

i would love to see travelocity and Expedia.ca apps including a flight tracker. also a bigger plus would like to see Firefox browser on the Hp Touchpad. can someone make the usb more usualful like connecting a external hardrive or connection to a high speed memory stick.


p October 6, 2011 at 10:23 am



JDMortal October 14, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Don’t look at the number of apps… Look at the number of useful apps. There are more useful apps on touchpad. Mostly because the junk has been filtered out from iPad, yet all that junk still exists on the iPad. The most notable thing to realize is that every flash-website, which is nearly 90% of the web… Works on touchpad, not ipad.


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