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3 Gorgeous Android Apps That You Don’t Know About: oW Weather, Ovo, & Cliffhanger


The Android ecosystem still has a rather undeserved reputation for engendering poorly designed apps, despite the serious efforts undertaken by Google to make the Android dev experience much more cohesive than ever before.

However, the persistent critics of the Google platform probably aren’t aware of some of the amazing work being done by the indie developers out there.

Here are three of my picks for some brilliantly designed Android apps that are on par with almost anything being done for Apple’s iOS:

oW Weather:

This beautiful and minimalistic weather app espouses the flat design ethos that’s all the rage now with both Android and iOS 7. It’s available for both platforms, and does what it’s supposed to (i.e. show you all the relevant details about the forecast, without drowning you in data) very well. It has a nifty daily notification for forecasts as well.

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Ovo Timer

Timer apps are a dime a dozen in Google Play, but Ovo does things differently. It is a visual timer that lets you set precisely the right time to countdown to without tapping a gazillion buttons.

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If you’re into watching TV shows regularly, and you have an Android device, Cliffhanger is an absolute must-have app. Once you set up the shows that you follow in the initial setup, you’ll get notifications about when an episode about to begin, in a way that makes the most of the expandable notifications in Android Jelly Bean devices. It lets you track what you’ve watched, what you’ve missed, and it pulls in some high quality photos of each show to give you a highly intuitive feel of something that may seem mundane before you use it, but in fact is a huge time saver.

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