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3 Rugged and Functional iPad 2 Cases that Work with Smart Cover

Speck SmartShell iPad 2 Case

The iPad 2 is a sleek and sophisticated device. I know, the new iPad has been released but it is safe to say that the iPad 2 is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Likewise the Smart Cover is a handy accessory that not only protects the screen from scratches but makes the device easier to use at the cafe, or while commuting, or really anywhere.

Smart Cover benefits

With the Smart Cover, a user can stand the iPad up for watching movies or utilizing FaceTime, lay it down in a raised landscape mode for easier typing for added productivity, and it even has the ability to automatically put the iPad to sleep.

Many people have grown to love the Smart Cover and wouldn’t live without it but it does have one glaring design flaw, and that is it doesn’t completely protect the sides and back of the iPad from unsightly marks and damaging scratches.

Fortunately a number of manufacturers have come to the rescue and designed iPad 2 cases that work with the Smart Cover.

The Smart Cover is available in a variety of covers, so it comes as no surprise that many Smart Cover compatible cases are available in a suitably similar variety of hues. With cases that can add impact protection or just guard against scratches, many different material choices are available, with super strong polycarbonate being one of the preferred manufacturing materials.

Looks great and protects at the same time

A continued favorite in iPad 2 Smart Cover cases are the Marware MicroShells. With a tough rubberized finish this case gives the user extra grip with the inclusion of two raised ridge lines along the back of the case. All the ports are left accessible and the Smart Cover is easy to attach. Unlike a lot of other cases, the external speaker port is covered with a grill which can only help but give a bit of extra protection. According to most users of this case volume output has not been affected in any way.

Many iPad users do not like to compromise the sleek aluminum look and feel that it is so well known for, and neither do they have to with the Aviiq Smart Case compatible cover. The aluminum feel means that users will feel like they are holding an iPad rather than a plastic covered knockoff. Durable plastic accents protect the edges of the iPad while allowing full access to all buttons and ports. The Aviiq cover is available in the same color schemes as the Smart Cover, ensuring a perfect match.

Another polycarbonate Smart Cover compatible shell on offer is the Speck SmartShell. This is an ultra thin case, meaning that very little weight is added. It also comes with a magnetic strip that locks the Smart Cover conveniently into place while the iPad 2 is in use. It is also soft feel so users can be confident that they will have a firm grip on their device wherever they are using it. Of course, all of the ports and buttons are accessible via a series of perfectly aligned cutouts.

These three cases not only work but work well with the Smart Cover. In reality, though, there are many many more designs available for the discerning iPad 2 user.

Whatever your color choice, look, or feel, with a bit of research there is a cover to match any iPad 2 users needs, and at a very reasonable cost.

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