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3 Things to Stay Away from to Enjoy Faster Internet Connection

3 Things to Stay Away from to Enjoy Faster Internet Connection

Connecting to the internet requires a fast speed internet connection means and getting this connection method is not something that is very easy except for the fact that the person who wants to uses the connection has more knowledge of ‘how it works.’

Internet is the next home to everyone after the real world that we are into – each day, people spend lots of time on the internet in their bids to get one or two things that they love to do. Some percentage of people visits the internet on many occasions in order to view the contents on pages of some websites while others use the internet as a tool for business marketing purpose.

However, the large percentage of people that use the internet more are those that are using it for fun purposes like playing of games, downloading of larger files from the web and some others like social sharing. With all of these purposes that people use the internet for all the time, there’s a high need for a fast speed internet connection because of the large amount of data’s that people are transferring over the internet every minutes and seconds.

For the above reasons, people love to go for a company that can offer them fast speed internet connection while others stays with a slow speed internet service provider but better still, there’s still a need for them to upgrade to a more rewarding ISP’s company as this can have positive effect on their internet connection performance.

Today, I will be showing you ways to avoid errors in your internet connection, whether you are using a fast speed internet connection or a slowest speed internet connection like a dial-up and some others that are referred to as slow net access.

You do not need to worry anymore when your connection starts to mess up since you are going to understand some of the things that you can do effect some of these mistakes not to happen in order for you to enjoy your net surfing.

Below are the three things to avoid in order to get the best form of internet connection experience.

Stay Away from Heavy Loading Webpages

Sites that take hell lots of time to load and download files to your computer from the net when you are browsing them is known to be bad for any form of internet connection because of the dangers such a site can cause to internet connection bandwidth. For this reason, you need to stay away from websites that are too heavy on loading.

Heavy loading in this sense means that – website that load file on a webpage one after the other while taking large amount of time to complete such task.

Sharing Your Internet Connection with Others -do with care

It is good to be a cheerful giver though. However, what do you have to do when people starts to misuse the opportunity you gave them? You will get annoyed, right! Yes it is, that might be the possible way you will have to feel when it happened that way.

Sharing your internet connection with some other people in your home can affect your connection and you need to stay away from this behavior in order to enjoy your connection better and to save yourself money.

Don’t Downloading Large Files with Your Connection, save your bandwidth

Since internet connection, bandwidth is the main thing you are to protect – then there is no need for you to visit websites that can reduce your internet connection bandwidth by a larger margin.

I need to share a bad experience of mine with you. It happened to me recently when I mistakenly visited Yahoo Sport News page with the aim of reading the latest rumor news about the world’s most acclaimed basketball player of all time – Michael Jordan being fined for misconduct, and after the site finished loading I noticed a video that started automatically from the background on the site.  Moreover, immediately I checked my internet connection bandwidth, I realized that I have just wasted my bandwidth by visiting the site because it almost consumes most of bandwidth. Though, if you are on a high budget internet service providing plan from a bigger company that can offer you discount and coupon to use their service like how I’m benefitting a discount offer from Gravity Defyer and 48HourPrint. Then you can be able to visit sites that have many contents on the homepage because the free discount can still help you for a very long time.

Large videos, pictures and others are examples of files you need to stay away from when surfing the internet. You should avoid visiting websites that have large amount of these contents on them. Site with images and videos on its homepage are to be avoided and with this move, you can save your internet connection bandwidth more than before.

How do you use your internet connection, let us hear what you have to say to help others learn from your experience.

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