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4 Blogging Lessons I learnt from my Coupon Blog

4 Blogging Lessons I learnt from my Coupon Blog

Through my experience in blogging, there are several things I have learnt from starting my lunarpages discount and icontact coupon blog. One fact about blogging is that as you go through it, you’ll learn more. The difference is just that if you are ready to make use of what you learn from it, your success is more likely to come fast. You need to know that blogging is not only for the perfects! You can become successful in blogging if you are diligent in learning new things and applying them to your business.

You want me to share some tips I’ve learnt from blogging with you? I’ll actually share four of them in this guest post with your below.

Be consistent in what you do

At the beginning many of us are ready to put three or more articles on our blogs daily, but as time goes on we’ll tend to tell ourselves that it’s not easy putting three articles on a blog daily. Then, we’ll change our writing schedules and, instead of writing the usually three articles in a day, we’ll change to writing three in a week.

There is actually nothing bad in making you publishing schedule three articles in a week, but it’s always important that you build a consistent pace of publishing articles on your blog. By putting three articles on your blog daily, you are making your readers know that your blog is scheduled to publish three posts a day and so falling to three a week only implies that you are defaulting on your work.

More readers doesn’t mean more money, being smart means

I’ve also learnt from my coupon blog that the amount of income you are able to make does not directly rely on the amount of readers you have. Rather, it relies on how smart you can be. If you are not smart enough to know how well you can monetize your blog, you might not make real money even if you have many blog readers.

For example, I did not start making a decent amount of money from my blog until I was able to network with successful bloggers in my niche. If your blogging requires you to network with other bloggers before you will be able to make money through it, you may not be successful until you start meeting and networking with other bloggers.

People appreciate value and are ready to reward you for it

Many bloggers are quick to fool themselves by believing that putting just anything on their blog will work for them. The earlier you realize that providing value on your blog is very important for the growth of your business, the better it is.

Whether you like it or not, the quality of valuable contents you provide for your readers may determine the level of respect they’ll accord your blog.

Focus will help you forge ahead

It’s easy to meet a major breakthrough and eminent success in one’s career if one is focused and dedicated. Once you lose focus, things will start proving difficult. To forge ahead in my blogging career, I’ve learnt to remain focused.

Things may not seem rosy at the beginning but as you keep on providing value for your readers, you will see success coming your way.

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