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5 Nook Color Accessories for Added Versatility

Nook Color Accessories

The Nook Color is one of the most versatile eReaders on the market today. Since it was first released in December 2010, Barnes & Noble has implemented a number of improvements.

In fact, the last software update in January 2012 has made the Nook color even more competitive than it previously was.

Even though the Nook is not a tablet in the true sense of the word, it has many features that are comparable to those of a tablet. Please be aware that many applications available on the Nook can drain the battery quickly. With a battery life of maximal 8 hours in the reading mode, applications can empty the battery in a matter of just a couple of hours.

The first must–have accessory for this reader is a car charger. This will allow you to charge the nook while you drive and ensures you do not run out of power unexpectedly. Even though Barnes & Noble does not offer a car charger specifically designed for this reader at this time, there are several chargers available on the market that will fit.

The second accessory is a Nook Color screen protector. Screens can get easily scratched, particularly when kids handle the reader to play one of the games or apps specifically designed for them. Protective screens are available on the internet. They are easily applied and protect the screen from scratches and fingerprints. The screen does not impact the sensitivity of the touch screen in any way.

One of the top Nook Color accessories is a cover or case. The convenient size of the eReader allows owners to carry the reader virtually anywhere. Women can easily fit the Nook in their purses. A cover, as it is offered by Barnes & Noble, adds protection to the device from scratches from keys and other objects. The covers are designed to hold the reader through durable inserts. Most covers have a place to hold notes and a clear window to add your name tag or business cards. The covers can be closed securely by either a magnet or velcro-type closure.

Owners of any Nook will also appreciate a stylus that allows them to easily add notes or draw in one of the many apps available on the market. The stylus is especially handy for those who are not experienced in using a touch screen. Even though many phones use a touch screen, and most people text fairly well today, older generations are not used to this kind of technology. They would be much more comfortable using a stylus to input data.

The Nook can be used to store books as well as pictures and music. For those who plan to store a lot of pictures and documents, as well as music files on the Nook, a bigger micro SD card is an absolute must-have. Even though the Nook comes with a 8 GB micro SD card, a bigger card will save you the aggravation of transferring everything later.

The Nook Color is a very versatile eReader that has many features one would expect from a tablet. Barnes & Noble now offers a Nook tablet for around $50 more than the reader. Regardless of which Nook you own, these accessories will allow you to take full advantage of all the amazing features and applications the device has to offer.

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