Amazon Kindle eReader may come in color version soon

by Anurag R on May 12, 2012

Amazon Kindle eReader

Amazon has had an overwhelming lead in the eReader market for a while now, as its closest competitors – Barnes & Nobles’ Nook and the Kobo reader simply couldn’t integrate their ebook stores into their eReaders as well as Amazon.

However, one of the traditional issues against the Kindle eReader is also its USP – its electronic ink (or E-ink, as it is better known) display cannot display any colors apart from black and white. This makes it ideal for keeping the strain on your eyes minimal, but it also makes the functionality of the Kindle painfully limited.

According to emerging reports though, there may be a sea change in how E-ink displays are perceived quite soon. Amazon is said to launching its first Kindle eReader with a color E-ink display sometime this year (in all likelihood the second half of 2012).
Another notable innovation in this new breed of Kindles is that they will have multitouch capacitive displays, as opposed to the infrared touch technology used in black and white Kindles so far.
Of course, one needs to keep in mind that a color Kindle is very different from Amazon’s own Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a full-fledged Android tablet with an LCD display that can also be used to read ebooks, just like any other tablet, but multimedia content consumption is what it’s primarily geared toward.
A color Kindle eReader would be an upgrade over existing monochrome Kindles alright, but its color display would be best utilized in getting the most out of illustrations in PDFs, and some very light browsing at best. Moreover, it’d probably be much cheaper than the Kindle Fire tablet, making it perfect for customers who simply want a top notch ebook reader, and no more bells and whistles.
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