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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite stock runs out in the U.S.

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CNET reports that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite faces a crippling supply scarcity in the U.S., with shipping having been suspended till the end of December.

Amazon has managed to be the undisputed leader in the eBook reader market with its line of Kindles.

The rather low device cost, great catalog of eBooks in the Amazon store, the electronic ink (E-Ink) display and the endless battery life made it a must have for every bibliophile on the move, and left the likes of the Nook and Kobo trailing in its wake at every step.

What it did struggle with, though, is making text on its screen legible in areas with poor illumination.

Regardless, it turned out to be a huge hit for Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite went on to eliminate the classic Kindles’ main flaw with a front light, and the fact that these new Kindles have sold out so soon indicate that consumers are lapping eReaders as much as they ever were.

CNET alludes to possible supply chain issues for Amazon as an additional reason for the new Kindle’s stock running out. There have been rumors indicating that the manufacture of some of the critical components in the Kindle Paperwhite has been affected by some major shortages in labor and raw materials, but that hasn’t been corroborated yet.

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