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Amazon’s 7 inch Kindle Fire HD gets price slashed by $20

Kindle Fire HD Price Drop

Amazon has decided to cut the price of the 32 GB variant of its 7 inch Kindle Fire HD tablet by $20. The 7 inch Fire HD used to cost $249 until now, but Amazon has decided to bring about the price cut to $229 with little fanfare.

Amazon’s website lists the $229 price tag of the 32 GB Kindle Fire HD as the “new lower price” of the Android based tablet, which seems to indicate that this price cut isn’t just a temporary offer, but is the permanent price of the tablet henceforth.

Given that there have been rumors about refreshed versions of Kindle Fire HD tablet models to be launching at the end of this year, it comes as little surprise to see Amazon gradually get more and more of its old inventory of Kindle Fire HD tablets off its shelves as discreetly as possible.

Amazon has strangely not decided to bring about any price cut in the 16 GB Kindle Fire HD however. At a price of $199, it is and has been an enticing budget option for quite some time now, but an additional price cut could help it undercut the popular Nexus 7 tablet.

In any case, if you’ve been planning to buy the Kindle Fire HD for some time now, make the most of this offer till its stocks last!

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