Android App Review: Press – A Google Reader that Focuses on User Experience

by Anurag R on February 2, 2013

Press Google Reader Android AppPress is a Google Reader client from the dev TwentyFive Squares.

RSS news feeds are still the medium of choice for several news enthusiasts out there, and few clients make the act of collecting and reading from an RSS feed as clean and user friendly as Press.

Press is an app that follows the Holo guidelines prescribed by Google since Android 4.0+. It uses white spaces exceedingly well, and makes even a text intensive application like RSS feed aggregation a surprisingly good looking and smooth experiene.
There aren’t any obtrusive animations anywhere at all – all a user gets is a minimal, snappy app that does exactly what it is asked to do in the best manner possible.
The numerous folders and tabs make sure that a user doesn’t miss out on anything he/she has read, but also manages not to overwhelm its users with an overload of information. The in app browser is surprisingly smooth as well, and removes any need for a user to leave the app to open links in the default browser. Opening YouTube videos within the app isn’t an issue either.
Background syncing and offline reading are two of the more recently added features that have made Press a rather well rounded app now.
At $2.99, Press may not be the cheapest Google Reader client in Google Play, but it’s certainly the least annoying to use.

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YPY February 5, 2013 at 3:03 am

this is a clone of reeder!!!


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