Apple Could Launch iPad 3 by Thanksgiving and Discontinue iPad 2

by Vail Gladu on August 3, 2011

There’s no end to the speculation surrounding Apple’s release of its next gen iPad 3. Some say it will be the same iPad 2 with optimized display resolution, will be targeted towards video and photography professionals, and will be called iPad 2 Plus or iPad HD. Others say that won’t happen and iPad 3 will release next year in March as always. Some expect the iPad 3 to launch with iOS 5 in September. And now we have Taiwan Economic News publishing a report that claims iPad 3 will surely launch this year and the iPad 2 will be discontinued.

The report is about Asustek Computer Inc. strategizing to beat Apple in the game when it lowers prices of the iPad 2 to make way for iPad 3. According to industry experts, Apple will sell the iPad 3 at the launching price of iPad 2, in which case iPad 3 will become the strongest competitor for upcoming tablets.
Selling the previous gen tablet at a discount has been Apple’s strategy for clearing old inventory and making way for new. iPad was discounted by $100 by Apple and other retailers offered steep discounts of almost $300 to clear shelf space. Experts believe the same will happen in the case of iPad 3. iPad 2 will be sold alongside the latest iOS tablet at a discount and gradually discontinued.
The report goes on to suggest that Apple will launch the iPad 3 this Thanksgiving or by the end of the year. Well, they sure know it all. As always, take it like you would any rumor, with a pinch of salt.
[via BGR]

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