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Apple iOS 7: What You Need To Know

Apple iOS 7

After weeks of speculation, Apple unveiled the latest version of its iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads – iOS 7 – in the WWDC 2013 yesterday.

As many had predicted already, it is quite a radical departure from the trademark (but long in the tooth) design cues that iOS has had since its launch back in 2007. Read on to know more about it.

iOS 7 sees Apple’s mobile OS get its most extreme makeover since its launch with the first iPhone.

Gone are the skeumorphic design elements, as they have been replaced by flattened, minimalistic icon sets, vivid color gradients and a heavy use of translucency.

Although it can be a bit hit-and-miss (the new Newsstand icon is terrible, for instance), it adds a level of general sheen and polish to it that seems more of a fit for this decade than the previous one.

iOS hasn’t ever had the most elegant way to multi-task apps, and Apple has revamped the system to do so with a card-based interface that seems heavily inspired by Palm’s doomed webOS. Moreover, it uses intelligent multitasking to save power, as it tries to understand when you tend to use your favorite apps in a day.

Control Center
On swiping up from the bottom of your screen, iOS 7 will give you quick access to toggles for airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wifi, Auto-rotate, brightness, music, and the like in what Apple dubs as the ‘Control Center’.

AirDrop seems to be Apple’s answer to the NFC technology found in various Android devices. It allows easy content transfer over WiFi or cellular networks, instead of needing a dedicated NFC chip.

The Safari browser gets a considerable upgrade in terms of both looks and functionality. It has simpler search, a new UI, intelligent CPU consumption, and allows you to sync all data and passwords through iCloud Keychain (a la Chrome Sync).

Automatic App Updates
Apple had strangely not implemented a basic way to remove backlogs of app updates in iOS devices so far, but iOS 7 finally automates the process and removes the hassle.

Photo gallery and Camera
The camera app has 4 modes now – basic photos, video mode, panoramas, and a square still photo mode for the Instagram addicts out there. Filters are part of the package as well.
The Photos gallery is a lot more organized now, with smart sorting by date & location, along with easy sharing over iCloud.

A beta version of iOS 7 has already been released to developers, but it will not be available for end users till sometime this fall.

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