ASUS-Google to ditch Tegra, use Snapdragon chip in upcoming high res Nexus 7?

by Anurag R on March 24, 2013

Google Nexus 7 UpdateLast week, we’d posted about the rumors surrounding the release of the next generation Nexus 7 Android tablet with a high res screen.

Digitimes reports that the next Nexus tablet to be borne out of the collaboration between Asustek Computers and Google will be doing away with the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipsets found in the first Nexus 7, and adopt the increasingly ubiquitous Qualcomm Snapdragon chip instead in the stock Android powered tablet.

Digitimes doesn’t exactly have a stellar record with getting their rumors right, but this could have more to it than meets the eye.
The Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset launched with much fanfare, as Nvidia and its partners made a big splash across the tech world about the quad core processor with the Tegra 3 chip.
What was even more incredible was that the Nvidia chip was inexpensive enough to even power budget, sub $200 priced tablets like the Nexus 7, and this made it quite like the next big thing in the smartphone and tablet market.
The ground reality, however, was that Tegra 3 chips made for power hungry devices with low battery lives, and inferior performance to even the dual core Snapdragon S4 chips from Qualcomm.
Moreover, they weren’t compatible with LTE (until very recently, with the Tegra 4i). Gradually, Qualcomm has expanded its reach to Android OEMs like Samsung, Sony and HTC, and as it turns out, Asus and Google as well.
LTE compatibility is quite expectedly the bone of contention between Asustek/Google and Nvidia according to Digitimes. From the looks of it, it seems like Qualcomm has struck gold with its newest generation of Snapdragon chipsets.
[Source: Digitimes]

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