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Best iPad Keyboard Case Models – Instant Laptop

zaggfolio ipad 2 keyboard case

Owners of any version of the iPad by Apple surely want to keep the device as well protected as possible, which is why so many people opt to purchase the best protection for their devices. The best ipad keyboard case is subjective, as it depends on what each user needs in a case, although some are certainly better than others are in terms of protection and usability. Following are a few of the best cases available for the iPad and iPad 2.

Zaggmate Keyboard Case for the Original iPad

Zaggmate Keyboard Case for Original iPad

While the Zaggmate does not fit the iPad 2, only the original, this case remains one of the top-selling iPad cases available anywhere. It offers a sleek design featuring an easy access keyboard that pairs with Bluetooth, and it is made from top quality aluminum that makes it both lightweight and durable. The military grade padding inside offers cushioning for the iPad original, without leaving scratches should the device be jostled.

Zaggfolio for iPad 2

The Zaggfolio picks up where the ZaggMate left off. It comes with a space saving bluetooth keyboard that features iPad 2 specific shortcuts for maximum productivity. The case opens up to form a stand either with the keyboard or without – which is nice if you are looking to watch a video.

Logitech Case with Keyboard by Zagg

Logitech Case with Keyboard by Zagg

Zagg also makes the Logitech Case, just as the company makes the Zaggmate, but this one is made especially for the second generation iPad. One of the best-selling case options available with a keyboard for the device because of its highly protective features, it is one of the top sellers as well. One of the things people love about this case is that it weighs only a pound, so it not only protects the iPad, but it does so without weighting the user down. The Logitech keyboard case for the iPad features an easy access and easy to use keyboard that pairs easily with Bluetooth, is made from highly durable and rugged aluminum, and it looks as sleek as the iPad does.

Kensington iPad 2 KeyFolio

kensington ipad 2 keyfolio

This keyboard case for the iPad is a Pro Performance case for the second version offering users wireless Bluetooth pairing, and it is made especially to fit the 3G and Wi-Fi tablets. Offering adjustable positioning, the Kensington iPad 2 case with keyboard also features high-performance keys, access to all iPad 2 controls including a port connector, and it is even lightweight. Unlike other cases that come with a keyboard, this one also offers openings for both cameras, making it not only a top seller, but one of the best cases available for the iPad that also come with a keyboard.

The extra features that manufactures make available on the iPad keyboard cases help make them top-selling, but most sell well, even without the added features. Simply because many people who purchase the iPad do not like to use the virtual keyboard 100 percent of the time. It can be quite difficult to type on for any length of time.

For the busy professional, the iPad and iPad 2 are incredible devices for working on the go. Lighter than laptops, by adding a case and keyboard, you get all the benefits of a tablet and portable computer rolled into one.

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