Choosing the Best Android EPUB Reader

by Andy Brock on January 19, 2012

Best Android EPUB Reader

If you own an Android device, whether phone or tablet, and you want to catch up on some of your favorite books, consider finding an Android EPUB reader available in the Android apps marketplace.

What is EPUB?
EPUB (or ePub) stands for Electronic Publishing is a free and open ebook format that allows for many devices to read the same document and can be formatted to fit the specified screen perfectly and continues to gain momentum as the defacto standard for ebook formats.
There are a number of different EPUB reader apps available for the Android. Previously, we wrote an article about some cool Windows 7 EPUB readers so here are a few Android EPUB readers to get you started.
The epubReader App
The free epubReader application for the Android is a powerful eBook reader that supports EPUB, mobi, and txt formats. The application comes with a built-in catalog so you can access thousands of ebooks by touching your screen. This free application turns text into speech and comes with different reading modes depending on what you are reading.
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko is an Android EPUB reader that can be downloaded on your Android device for free. Users can browse through thousands of books from the app and download several titles for free. With one-click access, you select the book you are reading and resume where you left off the last time with bookmarks. This application is fully customizable and has sharp text so reading is easier on the eyes.
Nook for the Android
Nook is often called the mothership of all EPUB readers. This free application has a refined interface and supports EPUB and prc file formats. One downside of the app is that is cannot be integrated with the B&N store.
The Sony Reader
Sony has now released the Sony reader for the Android. This free EPUB reader offers text highlighting and access to already purchased books. One setback of this application is that it does not offer free titles.
Google Books
Google Books is one of the most popular apps used on the Android Market. This free application gives you access to more than 3 million books and will link to other sites when you cannot find the book you want.
FB Reader
The FB Reader supports any online catalog and supports EPUB, oeb, fb2, and mobi formats. This free application has multiple page turning options, night mode, and text-to-speech support.
Mobile reading is on the rise and there are plenty of options for reading on the go regardless of platform. For Android, compare the features, download some of the free ones to get an idea of what you’re looking for. With so many to choose from, it is good to know most of the programs are available for free download.

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