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City Lens Beta App for Nokia Lumia (900, 800 and 710) Review

City Lens Beta App for Nokia Lumia (900, 800 and 710)

Nokia gave a view of its City Lens Beta app, on which they are working, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. This Nokia City Lens Beta app has an augmented reality app for its Windows Phone-based Lumia devices that uses the phone’s camera to show user the restaurants, stores and other venues in his surrounding area. It’s one of the defining technologies of cutting edge smartphones. This app employs user’s camera to show him a live view of his location on his Nokia Lumia phone’s screen. Using Nokia Lumia’s various sensors (not least GPS), it can place this information in the correct areas of the live view, so as the user move or turn around, accordingly does the relevant information. It also enables user filter points of interest, get destinations with one tap and share places with friends. It also brings multiple view modes based on your phone’s orientation. The fancy combination of live Pictures and Digital interface is known as Augmented Reality or AR in short. Nokia City Lens has been released in beta form over on Nokia Beta Labs, which means it’s not quite ready to be released onto the Windows Phone Marketplace. As there may be issues or faults in the software that need mending, so as to be ready for availability in public. Nokia will keep a track of feedback and update the app accordingly based on user suggestions and reviews. Nokia city Lens app also enables you to do the following tasks:

  • Ø User can instantly see what’s around him like: landmarks, restaurants, hotels, shops and public transport stations visually right on his phone.
  • Ø User can select his interest in many different categories, and Nokia City Lens will filter the points of interests and present his choices.
  • Ø User can simply tap to read reviews, descriptions and destination information.
  • Ø Feature like: One tap to call or navigate to the location.
  • Ø User can share a place with his friends via E-mail and SMS or via the in-built sharing feature of Windows Phone.

For an unforeseen situation, if someone is hooked up in an urban area with many overlaying options, tap the screen for a vertical list. Tilt it sideways for a map view, which will provide walking directions with one tap.

The most Awesome feature of this app is that one can keep his head up when one is using it. Instead of looking for a place in the map and look down on your smartphone, with Nokia City Lens one is actually looking at the world around him through his Smartphone, as announced by Nokia in a Blog post. Grab a copy of Nokia City Lens, from Nokia  Beta Labs.

City Lens Beta App for Nokia Lumia (900, 800 and 710) Review on July 6, 2016 rated 4.3 of 5

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