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Cut the Rope: Time Travel review

Cut the Rope: Time Travel android app

ZeptoLab has just released the latest title in its hugely popular Cut the Rope series of physics based puzzler games for iOS and Android, and it’s called Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

The famously cute ‘monster’ nicknamed Om Nom is back with this game, but this time, you need to make sure that both he and his ancestors get some candy to munch on!

In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you have to feed not one, but two Om Noms in each level. One of them is the familiar toothy monster that everyone’s known and loved in Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments.

The other is one of his ancestors from the likes of Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, the Renaissance, a pirate ship and a lot more.

With 90 playable levels, the new Cut the Rope game won’t exactly take days to finish. Moreover, ZeptoLabs make the game difficulty such that you get just the right learning curve, without it ever getting too tough to be inaccessible.

If you do find yourself stuck though, there is a get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of Om Nom’s telepathic powers (but make sure to save them for later levels, as you only get a finite number of them).

All in all, ZeptoLab has certainly played it safe with Cut the Rope: Time Travel, as they have left the core game completely unchanged apart from selective gameplay elements in it. But then again, when the basic game at the crux of it all is as much fun as Cut the Rope, it isn’t exactly such a bad thing!

Rating: 3.5/5

Google Play: Cut the Rope

Release ID: 154

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