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Drag all your Facebook friends to Google+

Facebook friends to Google+

Google Plus is here and so are many questions. The popularity of this new social networking layer by Google is increasing by each passing day. It has all the Google features combined into one and that is attracting people like anything. After Facebook, it is set to become the next most popular site. However, to switch the data and information especially the friend’s list & contacts from the Facebook account to the new Google+ may look a big problem for the social networking site lovers. Almost all of us have so many friends on Facebook that copying each and every data individually will eat and waste out rime. But do not worry, help is at hand. We will tell you how to do that in two easy ways. Follow the below mentioned details:
Way- I
Facebook to Yahoo
1. Go to yahoo mail (or create one if you do not have any) and click on ‘contacts tab’.
2. Click on ‘import your contacts from other accounts to Yahoo’.
3. A new window will be opened. Click on the Facebook icon and connect with your Facebook (fb) account.
4. You will see a dialogue box saying ‘share with Yahoo’. Click ok.
5. The data will start getting copied. Once it is done, you will be able to see your imported contacts.
Yahoo to Google+
1. Go to Google+. On top menu, click Circles button.
2. Click on ‘Find and Invite’. You will see ‘connect sites you use to find people you know’ and will see Yahoo and Hotmail options there. Choose Yahoo and get going.
Way- II
Facebook to Yahoo
1. Visit login.yahoo.com and sign in with the Facebook account. (This option is given below ‘sign in’ tab).
2. After logging in from Facebook account, go to address.yahoo.com.
3. Click on tools and select ‘tools’ from the dropdown list.
4. Select FB from the options and confirm access to your contacts.
5. The import will start. After it is done, you can view your imported contacts too.
6. Next, again go to the tools menu. And start exporting your contacts to a .csv file. A .csv file is accepted by Gmail.
Yahoo to Microsoft Outlook
7. Export the contacts to the MS Outlook, verify the capcha and save the contacts file.
Microsoft Outlook to Gmail
8. Open Gmail and Click contacts. Go to ‘more options’ tab and click on ‘import’.
9. In the dialogue box select ‘choose file’ and browse to the .csv file you downloaded. Select it for importing.
10. Select a new group to import the contacts. The contacts will start getting imported.
11. Open Google+. You will see your newly imported contacts under the find and invite menu.
12. Add friends to circles and send invites to them.

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