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Facebook Home: What You Need To Know

Facebook Home

Home is just a launcher at the end of the day

Don’t go by the marketing hyperbole, because Facebook Home is just a launcher at its core, a la the likes of Nova, Apex and GO Launcher.

It will be replacing your homescreen with social networking oriented tabs and windows, but it quite obviously won’t be a complete overhaul of your existing Android smartphone.

Coverfeed – A Newsfeed that doesn’t need an app

Coverfeed lets you have a look at your friends’ statuses, checkins and other updates without needing to open an app or refresh a widget.

It gives you an almost native experience while you like or comment on any update that you see fit.

This makes it a lot less cumbersome than usual to get a quick fix of Facebooking, but it presumably will be very taxing on the battery lives of Android smartphones.

Chat Heads

In a feature reminiscent to that seen in Sony’s Xperia line of smartphones, you can simply tap the display icon of any of your contacts in order to quickly message them on Facebook or text. The integrated nature of this means that it isn’t always clear which service you’re using (quite like the implementation seen in Windows Phones), but the objective is to let you contact the person you want to ASAP without any hassle whatsoever.

Android tablet Owners – Patience is your friend

Facebook has done precious little in the content that it has pushed for Android tablets. In fact, there still isn’t a tablet optimized version of the official Facebook app. Keeping in line with that, Facebook Home is exclusive to Android smartphones for the time being, but The Verge thinks that it will be coming to tablets in the coming months. Don’t hold your breath for it though.

Facebook Home is ad-free (for now)

Facebook has come under a lot of fire for selling user information to third party advertisers in order to target ads better. Facebook Home, however, doesn’t push in ads all over your phone, despite taking over the front end of it almost completely. Then again, it is expected to be a temporary arrangement, and ads won’t exactly be away from it for too long.

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