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Game Review: Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 for Android and iOS

Iron Man 3 Game

Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster, Iron Man 3, is the latest instalment in the armored superhero’s trilogy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

While it has released in plenty of countries worldwide (with polarizing opinions), it is getting a delayed May 3 release in the US.

In the meanwhile, Gameloft S.A. is back to doing what it does rather well – launching a movie tie-in game of a summer blockbuster on Android and iOS.

Iron Man 3 is perhaps the most high profile movie tie-in released by the French game studio since last year’s somewhat impressive The Dark Knight Rises.

Does the Iron Man 3 game live up to its billing? Read on to find out!

First things first, anyone expecting Iron Man 3 to be an actual action combat game like The Dark Knight Rises is in for a major disappointment.

It is an endless ‘runner’ of sorts, quite like the Temple Runs and Subway Surfers of the world. As the titular superhero, you get attacked by drones and other (unmanned?) aerial vehicles that you can tap at or swipe to give them a taste of Iron Man’s repulsor beams.

Like any generic endless runner/flyer, there are obstacles that you need to avoid midair, such as crashing airplanes and powerful missiles, any of which on striking you will need you to wait for a prescribed period of time for your suit to get repaired, or nag you for an in-app purchase of the game currency.

The fact that Iron Man 3 is a freemium game has led to Gameloft pulling no stops in nagging you for in-app purchases throughout the game. The repair times are quite similar (and just as annoying) as Electronic Arts’ Real Racing 3, and you’ll be getting the urge to punch a wall in no time, unless you’re ready to churn out a fair bit of money on a mediocre game like this.

All said and done, the Iron Man 3 game itself is nothing extraordinary by any stretch. The graphics are passable at best, the gameplay gets monotonous in a while, while the music and sound effects are awfully repetitive. It could certainly be argued that this is in the bottom rung of official movie tie-in games in both Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Rating: 2/5

Download from Google Play | iTunes

Release ID: 151

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