Google launches Nik Software’s Snapseed for Android

by Anurag R on December 6, 2012

Snapseed for AndroidGoogle has just launched Snapseed for Android.

This is a result of its acquisition of Nik Software – the German startup that first brought the critically acclaimed app to iOS. Snapseed is available for free in Google Play, and has also seen its price get slashed from $4.99 to nothing in the iTunes App Store.

Ever since Instagram launched 2 years back, mobile photography saw a radical upsurge in popularity. All it took was a small app with a few filters for the Instagram team to become one of the hottest startups in a long time, culminating in Facebook’s whopping $1 billion takeover of the entire team this year.
In the meanwhile, there was another app that was rapidly gaining popularity among iOS users. It was Snapseed, an app that was pricey alright ($4.99, to be exact), but it offered a lot more customizability to users than Instagram’s restrictive lack of filters.
In due time, it started finding its niche, as a lot of people who turned up their nose at the Instagram overload taking place all over the internet found Snapseed a lot more capable (and palatable) as a standalone photo editing suite.
With this launch, Google clearly intends Snapseed to become firmly integrated into Google+ in a matter of time.
Regardless, Snapseed for Android is an absolutely brilliant little app that seems to bring a whole lot more to the table than its predecessor the ever popular Instagram.
Download it from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS today!

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