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Hands On With New Nexus 7 Tab By Google

Hands On With New Nexus 7 Tab By Google

Google’s New Nexus 7 Tab, The First Device Shipping With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

In San Francisco, during a press event, Google has finally unveiled it’s next generation latest Nexus 7 Tablet. Much thinner and lighter than its predecessor, including a number of improvements, the new Nexus 7 has a forward facing camera, with a high resolution rear camera on the back. It comes with a superb 1920*1200 resolution display.

The New Nexus 7 Has A Distinguishing & Elegant New Look

One of the most attracting feature of Nexus 7 is the backside of the device. Right after Nexus 7 was released, Google’s Director of Android and user experience,  Matias Duarte expressed that it was meant to give a feeling of a driving glove. It feels so nice to hold due to its premium feeling. She also discussed the bezels on Nexus 7, that the decision to make the top and the bottom bezels much larger were in order to help the users with a good grip, when playing games in landscape mode, without the need of putting your fingers on the screen to hold the device.


Google has used a smooth plastic cover on the back, pretty much similar to that of HTC First, and HTC 8X. For me, it is a refreshing change as I always admire HTC’s premium plastic rubberish backs.

One more positive thing that Google did with Nexus 7 is that they have made the bezel on the side of the phone slimmer this time. In my opinion, it’s a good enhancement as it gives an elongated look to the screen, as slimmer bezels on the sides of the screen in portrait mode give much larger look to the screen. According to Emily Price of Mashable,

“It’s a different design than any of the other tablets currently on the market, but one that works.”

Google’s Nexus 7 Screen

The Screen of this tablet is really amazing and this is the area where Google improved a lot. The last year version of this tablet had a resolution of 1280*800 pixels, the latest screen resolution in this year’s version is 1920*1200 in the same 7-inches screen size. So this year, we have much more denser ppi in the latest Nexus 7 that is 323 ppi as compared to the previous 216 ppi. So imagine the treat for its loyal users.

Nexus 7 Will Hit The Markets By The End Of This Month

It’s going to be available from July 30th with a number of retailers, including Amazon, Radioshack, Best Buy and Walmart. It’s going to come in two varieties; 16 GB and 32 GB Wi-Fi only for $229 and $269. However, a 4G LTE version of this tablet is going to be available in the near future hopefully for $349 by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
Do let us know in the comments section, whether your going to upgrade to this latest version of Nexus 7 or not.

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