Here We Go Again: iPad 3 To Sport 3D Screen and 5x Resolution

by Monica Samuel on June 15, 2011

It was only a matter of time before the rumor mill got started with the iPad 3. Display manufacturer CPT is fuelling speculation by showcasing a 3D display (with glasses) in an iPad chassis. Though the Apple sticker and logo are covered up, there’s no doubt that this is the first gen Apple tablet and what we see is a possible prototype of a future gen iPad display or more specifically iPad 3′s.

Watch this video to see the tab at Display Taiwan. It doesn’t tell you much but you can get an idea of what you can expect from 3D display on a tablet as powerful as the iPad. The display put up by CPT is good fodder for conjecture but does not indicate that Apple is going for such a screen now or later. CPT will be banking on the attention to promote its own products.

Rumor has it that the new iPad 3 will sport an AMOLED screen that will be brighter, crisper, and less power consuming. The resolution will be much more (5x) than the 1024x768p of the iPad 2 screen. Even if Apple were to go forward with a 3D display that typically brings down screen resolution, it would probably be a glass-free version. Polarized glasses are alright for a 3D theatre experience but don’t sit well for a mobile device.
We know now that iPad 3 is in the works, even as customers wait for their iPad 2 tabs to get delivered. While some industry analysts believe the iPad 3 could appear at the end of this year, the chances of that happening are slim. What with iPad 2 just out the door, Apple would be hurting the sales of its own product. iPad 3 will probably make an appearance by Q1 2012.
And till that happens, you can look forward to crazier rumors, leaks, and hazy and shady shots of the third gen tablet.
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