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How to Add Custom Boot Animations in Samsung Android Devices

Add Custom Boot Animations in Samsung Android Devices

Android based Smartphone have become so popular that people are expecting a lot from their handsets. Android phones are capable of multitasking, you can listen to music, browse internet, Click Photos, chat on Social networks etc. Android is much about control many of Smartphone platforms like Apple’s iOS is also about control but the Cupertino company didn’t allow its user to take control in their own hands in fact they like to keep the keep that control in its own hands. What the users installs on their device, how they can use their phones, what apps are even allowed to run on the platform. If we take Android OS for example Google’s Android puts most of those control in the users’ hand but the manufacturers choose to restrict some areas which is for stability and prevention of your device. Android OS gives much more control over almost all areas of the Smartphone in the hands of the users.

Android Smartphone users might have customized their devices like Ringtones, wallpapers, custom launchers; widgets etc, these all are the part of those customization efforts. Boot Animation in your device you will come across when you start up your device from a powered down state. Fort the users who is a customization enthusiasts we have a good news for them as Android has a standard model for these start up sequences where a conventional bootanimation.zip file contains everything that’s displayed on device power up. Samsung is now choosing for a proprietary QMG format in place of the ZIP one, thereby limiting the ROM chefs’ choice to include custom boot animations in their offerings.

One of the XDA developer smokin1337 has come up with a mod for all Samsung devices that follow the QMG route; it will bring back the support for standard bootanimation.zip. There are two versions of the mod and uses an updater script. One will add support for bootanimation.zip to the system and other that only modifies Samsungani (Samsung protocol for calling boot animations) but both the instructions for using both remain the same.

The steps which we are going to show will work only on rooted phones and since the updater script uses BusyBox for mounting partitions you also need to have the bootanimation.zip that you want to use, and the required ZIP file.

How to Add Custom Boot Animations

Step 1: First of all using a root-level file explorer on your Android mount the system as read-write and navigate to /system partition then copy the bootanimation.zip file that you wish to use at this location in your device.


Step2: Then you have to put the hack ZIP file at the root of your device’s internal memory and then reboot into recovery and flash the ZIP file which will invoke the updater script in turn and enable the boot animation.

Step 3: Then reboot your device and you will be able to see the new boot animation that you placed in system/media partition as opposed to whatever you had earlier.

That’s it you are done with it, the method is fairly simple and require very simple effort. Do share your views and opinions to us.


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