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How to Control Mac OS X using Android Phone

Control Mac OS X using Android Phone

If you work or uses MAC OSX devices only, then there a good news for you as you can now connect your Macbook to larger display or use iMac desktop with beautiful Displays or you want that your phone and computer sharing same Wi-Fi network. Then the answer to your question is this new amazing app named Mac Remote. Mac Remote offers you to control the media playback on your Mac, in simple words you can say that you have a remote control in your hand without any need of installing any additional programs on your PC. Installing Mac Remote is very easy and you will be able to watch movies without getting off the couch. Mac Remote gives you the option to control the media players, it also gives the option to shutdown, suspend and adjust brightness and volume. This application let you evry thing remotely. This is one of the you must pack in your collection, it is one of the best app you can have for Mac OSX. You can download Mac Remote for free from Google Play.

You can control the followings media players in an individually way using Mac Remote:

  • VLC
  • iTunes
  • I photo
  • Spotify
  • QuickTime (now working!)
  • MplayerX
  • Preview
  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote

There are many users who have used this app Mac Remote and they have given a good review about this app, some of the review we are going to share with you.

Jay Khimani

Very very nice app, One of the best apps. Support for full screen will make it to 5 *. Loving it anyway

Farouq Arifin –

Finally, what I’ve been looking for!

This app is very good and really suits my needs! However, there are some functions that don’t work pretty well so sadly I can’t give it full 5 stars (which I wanted to). But overall, no major problems at all and here are feedbacks especially about PowerPoint & Keynote that you wanted to know: – PowerPoint & Keynote works perfectly during presentation, but I want to move slide not only during presentation view but also on slide view as well. Also, when my phone’s screen turns off, on some occasion the app disconnects itself. – The brightness setting didn’t seem to work at all, only pops the brightness icon on my mac’s screen but that’s it; I couldn’t change the brightness. – ITunes works perfectly – I have yet to test another functions; until then these are my feedbacks. Oh, and I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8 on Macbook4, 1

How to Control Mac OS X using Android Phone on March 16, 2016 rated 4.3 of 5

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