How to Find the Best 7 inch Tablet for You

by Andy Brock on February 2, 2013

Google Nexus 7 TabletDo you find the 10 inch tablet to be a bulkier than you would like?

Do you mainly use your tablet for reading or are simply looking for a cheaper option?

It is becoming increasingly clear that some people find the bigger tablets too cumbersome and perhaps the smaller tablets (ie the “phablets” as they were so affectionately called) a bit too tiny to even bother with. After all, isn’t that just a phone?

With the release of the Kindle Fire in the later half of 2011, a new era of tablets was ushered in where users could get a very good tablet that is not only smaller but cheaper than an iPad.
7 inch tablet vs 10 inch
When the iPad first launched, many industry pundits wondered how such a device would be used.
No keyboard? How, then, could one be productive?
If you remember, netbooks were very popular at this time and were being used as an even more portable productive apparatus than notebooks/laptops.
So, at 9.7 inches (and yes I’m including it in the 10 inch category), years later it turns out that people are learning to use it for all manners of function. From production to consumption, attached keyboard and/or native touch, the iPad created a whole new market for portable computing.
There are a couple of areas where I think 7 inch tablets have the advantage over their 10 inch cousins and they are body size and price. However, these benefits really appeal to the user who doesn’t want to game, watch movies or even do photo editing.
One more thing, if this is your first attempt at trying a tablet, then a 7 inch version is the way to go. They are far more cost effective and will allow you to test drive the tablet without necessarily breaking the bank so to speak.
7 inch tablets compared
The tablets listed below should help you to find the best 7 inch tablet for you.
iPad Mini
iPad Mini
iPad Mini is the latest tablet to join the 7 inch market. The Mini boasts a full iPad experience in a smaller size. With a form factor of 7.9 inches it sort of pushes the envelope in terms of a 7 inch category but I think deserves to be mentioned nonetheless. The Mini is 23 percent thinner 53 percent lighter than the iPad and also has access to the incredible App Store ecosystem. It is the more pricier model with prices starting at $329 but will do more than the others listed below.
Google Nexus 7
Google’s first foray into the tablet space was a successful one. They partnered with Asus to bring a very good tablet at $199 price tag. Loaded with Android Jelly Bean, it measures up very nicely with the Kindle Fire. It starts out with 16gb of internal storage and 1gb of RAM but more storage can be had at a bigger price. This tablet is a great option for someone just starting out with tablet computing.
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD
This is a fairly basic kind of tablet, however it is purported to sell well. There is no GPS, camera or microphone included. Nonetheless, it is an excellent tablet for entertainment and reading. There are many entertainment choices at Amazon Prime, along with the Amazon AppStore. You only have eight gigabytes though, so use it wisely. The Kindle Fire comes in many different flavors with the original Fire now priced at $159 which is hard to beat. However, for $199 you have an option to get the HD display and 16gb of storage.
Nook Tablet
Nook Tablet 8gb
This Barnes and Noble tablet is excellent for gaming and reading. Also, it is good for browsing as well. Another nice thing is that a voice over narration can be recorded with the microphone that is included.
Huawei Media Pad
This is among the most reliable tablets on the market today albeit less popular than the Nexus 7, iPad Mini and Kindle Fire but requires a mention anyway. As well as a clear display, it has a 5MP camera and a high resolution IPS panel. Also, it has been earmarked for the addition of an Ice Cream Sandwich interface in the near future.
AINOL Novo Seven Aurora
This is not a hugely popular brand, although it is regarded as one of the best brands to come out of China. You will be very happy with the 1GB RAM, IPS display, Ice Cream Sandwich interface and mini output for HDMI. The price is fairly competitive so, if you desire a tablet which works reliably, then this might suit you.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
The Samsung Galaxy is wonderful due to its’ sleek design, dual core processor and infrared port. Also, it boasts a Pees Smart Remote app, that makes it a good remote control for televisions. Samsung is the main rival to Apple, and this is no coincidence.
Toshiba Thrive Seven
This does appear extremely clunky and chunky. Thus, many people (who prefer sleeker tablet designs) will be put off. Nonetheless, if you can see beyond that, you could have a 1280×800 screen and a Honeycomb interface.
In future, the best 7 inch tablet on the market will have an increased number of peripherals, cases and accessories added. In addition, the specs will continue to increase ( things like battery life, speed, storage and resolution). However, lower prices will remain one of the main selling points of 7 inch tablets as more and more people flock to this tablet size.

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