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How to format virus infected and unformattable Pen drives

format virus infected and unformattable Pen drives

Pen drives one of the most common and popularly used storage media and we can see that now it used very commonly by almost every one for exchanging of data between tablets and more for PC’s. Pen drive has become as popular as because it is portable it can easily be carried with you every time and is simple to use. Using pen drive more roughly and carelessly will increase in their error and difficulties.

Why formatting of Any Drive fails?

You might have seen sometime formatting of some drives fail why is it so? The reason for fail in formatting of any drive is it may have some hardware damage inside it or any files which are stored in the drive are being used by the same systems which we try to format it. But most common problem is second one and it happens due to virus problems.

Steps to Format Virus infected and Unformattable Pen drive:

There are two easy and simple methods by which we can format Virus infected and Unformattablepen drives but forcefully.

  • Windows formatting and using software Unlocker:

This method is very simple and very easy to perform.

Step 1: First of you have to download Unlock Software and install it in your pc. HThen you have to right click on the Flash drive icon which you want to format which is giving error due to virus. Then you have to click on Unlocker and click on unlock All and it will also show the files that are under used from the same drive. In your case these files will be viruses.

Step 2: Then you have to right click on the same drive and select “Format” that’s it you are done with it. Congrats!!

Second Method:

  • CMD formatting method:

Step 1: In this method you have to use Command prompt to format the Flash drive. For that you have to open Cmd by start—Run—“cmd” or in windows 7 start—type “cmd”.

Step 2: Then you have to type format<space>”your drive letter””:” and press “Enter” two times. You have to write your drive name eg. “Format f” without Quotes.

Step 3: Then cmd will ask name of the drive. Enter the correct name of drive and press enter. That’s it your pen drive is now free from virus.

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