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How to Install AOKP ROM on Nexus 7: Tutorial

How to Install AOKP ROM on Nexus 7 Tutorial

Unofficial build AOKP ROM has been released for Nexus 7. You can do many customization after installing this custom ROM as well as you will get improved performance over stock ROMs.

This is a preview build of AOKP and a alpha release and there may be some bugs and issues present. Also don’t expect many customization options.


This ROM is only for Nexus 7 tablet and don’t try this ROM on other tablet. The procedure which discussed here are risky, if you are not able to understand please don’t do this. If any damage occurs we are not responsible for that.

How to Install AOKP ROM on Nexus 7

Step 1- Backup all your data like SMS, contacts, APN settings. SMS with the help of “SMS Backup and Restore app”. Then Backup your contacts by using Sync with Gmail app. To backup your phone logs use “Call log and restore app”. Then take Backup of your APN settingsGo to Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and note down.

Step 2- Unlock your bootloader by this tutorial and this will wipe all your data except files on SD card. So don’t forget to take back up.

Step 3- Install clockworkMod recovery on Nexus 7.

Step 4- Then download AOKP ROM for Nexus 7 from official development page.

Step 5- Download Google apps package, which contains apps like, playstore, gmail, widgets etc. Download Gapps

Step 6- Copy both downloaded zip files on SD card of Nexus 7.

Step 7- Switch off the tablet. Then boot onto recovery mode by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons together until device boots into recovery mode.

Step 8- Take a Nandroid Backup of your existing ROM, so that you can restore from recovery if something does not work or you didn’t like it in the ROM. To take a back up select backup and restore and on the next select backup again. After completion of backup go back to recovery menu.

Step 9- Then select wipe data, after that select yes on the next screen. Wait until the data wipe is complete.

Step 10- Select install Zip from SDcard, then select choose zip from SDcard. Then select that ROM package by scrooling from SD card. Then select Yes for confirm installation, then the ROM will start installing.

Step 11- After installation, select choose zip from SD card again and select the Google apps package.

Step 12- After installation, go back to main recovery menu and select reboot system now to reboot the nexus 7 and boot up into AOKP. Please be patience first boot will take some time.

Congratulations, AOKP based on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 is now installed on your nexus 7.

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