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How to Share Files Over Wi-Fi Direct

How to Share Files Over Wi-Fi Direct

Android devices are becoming more and more powerful every day, there are some very nice features in Android devices which either people don’t know or they avoid using it. Among them one of the feature is Wi-Fi Direct which allow users to go beyond the maximum speed of Data Transfer on their devices. Most of the people still use Bluetooth or infrared to share their files, Wi-Fi Direct is a new and smart way to transfer your files.

Wi-Fi Direct technology is a feature that allows two Wi-Fi-capable devices users to connect with each other without using an access point. It allow the users to transfer their files much faster, in other words we can say that Wi-Fi Direct is like directly connecting two devices together without the need for a wireless router or an access point. This feature allows the users to share or a transfer big file in a superb speed up to 250 megabits per second which we think is the fastest method to transfer your file. This app Wi-Fi Shoot [Beta] is one of the nicest utility you should have for your Android devices for quickly sharing your picture and videos. In this article we are going to tell you how you can use and share files over Wi-Fi Direct.

This is one of the app which is very useful while transferring files between Android devices. You can save a movie file on your tablet and shoot it to your mobile phone when you need to. You can download Wi-Fi Shoot! Wi-Fi Direct from Google Play Store for free. This is one of the app you must pack it in your collection.

Share Files Over Wi-Fi Direct

How to use and share files over Wi-Fi Direct:

Step 1: First of all let me tell you how you can use this app, you will need an Android Smartphone capable of Wi-Fi Direct. Then you have to launch the app which will promote you to enable Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 2: You can enable that feature by going to setting and there you have to click on “More Settings” under Wireless and Network.

Step 3: Then you have to enable Wi-Fi Direct and the receiver must also have the same app and Wi-Fi Direct capability so as to receive your files.

Step 4: Once you are done with enabling Wi-Fi Direct in your setting, you will be asked automatically which device you want to connect. You just have to click on the device you want to transfer files to.

Step 5: Then you have to go to the file that you want to send just locate the left-bottom of the screen to click on “Send Via” button and choose Wi-Fi Direct. Then your system will scan for Wi-Fi Direct Devices automatically and you will have to choose the one you wish to transfer the file to. You have to just click on “Send to This Device” under the name of it.

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