HP Touchpad eBook Reader Options

by Andy Brock on December 14, 2011

HP Touchpad eBook ReaderSo, you purchased a highly discounted HP Touchpad recently. If you are one of the lucky ones who have been able to take advantage of the massive discounts, then learning how to maximize the capabilities of the slate is the logical next step.

I think that one of the very first things to consider as you get used to the tablet is using it as an ereader. Reading ebooks is a great way to make use of the natural portability of the tablet, but there are a few considerations to think about.
Unfortunately, the device does not come loaded with one of the major ereader programs, but it does feature a pre-installed app that can fulfill a few minor reading functions. To get the most out of the slate, you may want to download one or more of the programs that are available on the HP App Catalog in order to make use of the robust functions that these programs make available.
Default HP Touchpad eReader
The default app that comes installed is Adobe Reader, which can only allow for the reading of .pdf files. While this can be great for reading basic documents or a few e-books, it is not the best program for reading ebooks from popular book sites.
The good thing is that the app is on the Touchpad by default and it can be used in limited circumstances.
Downloadable Apps
Of course, most individuals that want to read ebooks are probably looking for a way to read without having to be restricted to just .pdf files. The best way to do this is to download the Amazon Kindle for WebOS ereader application. This app allows users to download and read books that are in the Kindle proprietary file format.
Users can also make use of another similar app, pReader, which works on those file types that are unencumbered by any form of digital rights management like ePub, mobi, PDB/PRC ebook formats. Both programs work well, though the Kindle ereader seems to be more polished but obviously limits you to Amazon.
With the bargain basement closeout type prices that HP has been offering, many people have scooped up these tablets. At a comparable price to the Kindle but with added tablet functionality, it makes total sense. One guiding principal to selecting the right ereader app may be whether you already have a significant ebook library but the Touchpad can be a great tool for reading new books.

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