HP TouchPad Will Have 3G; WebOS 3.0 SDK Released for Early Access Developers

by Mies Larsen on March 31, 2011

Even though HP has not made any official announcements, it has become common knowledge that the HP TouchPad will come with 3G. HP has also announced the release of the WebOS 3.0 Beta SDK for developers to create apps for the tablet.

An earlier leak of the Topaz tab as the HP TouchPad was earlier known revealed HP’s plans of having a 3G and 4G version along with a Wi-Fi only model. Another leak from Vietnam where gadget geeks got some hands-on time with the tab uncovered a SIM slot. So 3G is a given on the device. And if that doesn’t convince you, the HP TouchPad demoed at the WebOS Event in London today sported Vodafone UK as the network carrier.

At the event, HP also announced the release of the WebOS 3.0 Beta SDK to its Early Access Developers. Any developments made on the platform will be carried on to smartphones and even PCs that will be hosting the OS in the near future. The WebOS 3.0 SDK that can be downloaded from HP’s refurbished developer website will enable developers to work on the Enyo framework to integrate Synergy, Just Type, and Exhibition into their apps. The SDK also includes reference UI components, help for designing for the TouchPad, and app examples.

Developers have to be part of the Early Access Program to qualify. They can enter this program by signing up for a regular developer account and then emailing pdc@palm.com to ask for it.

There’s hope that the private WebOS 3.0 SDK will soon become public unlike the long waiting period experienced with the WebOS 2.0 version.

[via precentral]

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