iPad 2 Leak Perpetrators in China Get Jail Sentence

by Mies Larsen on June 17, 2011

Leaking inside information of a product or collecting “competitive intelligence” can land you in a mess as has been proven by jail terms and heavy fines meted out to three people in China over the iPad 2 leaks. iPad 2 cases were out in the market months before the product’s actual launch. First mover advantage is everything in business and this is just what’s got General Manager of Shenzhen MacTop Electronics Co. into trouble.

According to MacRumors, The employees cited in that report had been claimed to be Foxconn employees and are presumed to be the same ones sentenced to prison in the new report, although only two of them were actually Foxconn employees while the third was manager of the case manufacturing company that solicited the information.

While a jail term of over a year is quite severe, every leak carries a threat for the informant. Remember that when you lap up a juicy leak next time.
Just lately, we told you about American Airlines placing orders for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 units to use as in-flight entertainment for premium class passengers. That’s not all. American Airlines pilots will also receive iPads that will have an FAA-approved app for all the required navigational information. This will lead to a saving of 30 pounds of weight per flight and savings of 1 million dollars per year for the airline.
Where else would you like to see tablets being used?
[via Wall Street Journal, AppleInsider]

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