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iPad Business Apps for Professionals on the Go

iPad Business App

The iPad has changed the way that business professionals do business. If you own an iPad, you can do more than just entertain yourself with it.

iPad business apps will turn your already functional device into a highly capable productivity device. If you are looking for Apple applications that will meet nearly any of your business needs, do the job at hand while you are on the go by downloading the following programs.

iWork for the iPad

The iWork application duplicates the functionality of desktop applications. This award-winning app is the mobile version of Apple’s office suite. It includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote so you can crunch numbers from anywhere in the world.


If you want to turn your iPad into a fully-featured call center, this application lets you add a phone line to your device through wi-Fi or 3g connections. Line2 supports caller ID, multiple call handling, voice to text voicemail, voicemail by email, call waiting, call transfers, and conferences so you can stay connected while you are traveling.

LogMeIn Ignition

For just $29.99, you can turn your iPad into a remote access client. Access documents on your desktop or laptop computer while you are away and never get caught in a bind just because you are not in the office.

Power.ME HD

If you are looking for a project management tool, Power.ME HD may be the right choice for you. With this app, you can create tasks and notes so you can always stay on task.

Quickoffice Pro HD

This mobile office suite has some of the features that the popular iWork app does not. Here you can access balance sheets, templates, file sharing, and other features that make accounting easy.


Business professionals who use social media marketing must have the Twitter app for their iPad. I personally like this one over TweetDeck simply for the fact that the interface doesn’t seem to be as cramped. Nonetheless, stay connected with your followers, make new connections, and get your message out through this app.


Staying organized can be very difficult while you are on the road. With Dropbox, you can keep your files in order between your iPad, desktop, laptop, and phone. With offline file access and an easy to follow interface, this free application is a must.


The beauty of this app is its extreme flexibility. Evernote is a program designed to make every professional’s life easier. It allows you to take any kind of note, whether some sort of text file, webpage or even a picture, and upload (capture) it to your account. Sharing your notes is a snap and your files are available anywhere with multiple apps for many devices.

WebEx for iPad

WebEx for iPad provides the ability to have online meetings through their powerful feature set. With smooth audio and video streaming, this handy app allows you to stay connected to your team. Joining a meeting is quick and easy and doesn’t require a subscription but if would like the ability to schedule meetings, you will need to upgrade to a paid account.

Technology has changed the way professionals do business. If you are constantly on the go and you own an iPad, make sure to make your iPad more functional with these business apps.

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