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Is Amazon Paperwhite Worth Your Money?

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Paperwhite leads the market by being one of the best selling e-readers

Although Amazon Paperwhite being a sole reader leads the market in this niche, but with the latest advancements in the field, is it really worth the money to buy now. From quite a long time, amazon has been in the top positions by introducing e-readers from time to time and it has increased its level to a very distinctive point. But offering a pure e-reader in such an advance market today is the right thing to do?

Amazon Paperwhite lacks the features of a pure tablet, because it’s just a reader!

Yes, you cannot consider an e-reader to take awesome pictures and have plenty of games in it. You cannot watch movies over it and you cannot play games on it. You cannot expect it to give you an android experience. Because it is an e-reader, not a tablet. This is what the marketeers are hired to tell us. That we are wrong by expecting something up to date. Well, in our opinion, this is a wrong marketing strategy. We can buy a chinease tablet PC like one from the Ainol series for the same price, which can give us a groud breaking and a hundred times better experience than that of a Paperwhite. Unlike paperwhite, we can use even a chinease tablet PC as a reader, a browser, a gaming device, play games, watch movies and do hundreds of things that android offers us.

What are the Reasons for Paperwhite to have a significant number of sales?

Well the reasons for Paperwhite to grab a lot of sales is that it is really simple to use. It’s not bulky and its charge lasts for even 8 weeks with regular usage. Also, there are still a great number of people who are not good with using android and many other operating systems. Especially people in their 40′s and 50′s still find it difficult to use iPads and Android based tablets. But we have to look at the future. You cannot consider paperwhite to be a cashcow product and this is what Amazon needs to realize. They can keep this product for a few more years, but consequently, modern operating systems based tablets will take over. Amzon does provide Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. But what it needs to do is that it shouldn’t sell such featureless devices on their customers. Being experienced in manufacturing business, I can easily tell that the sole reason for promoting this product is that such a featureless and simple device has a great profit margin. That’s why amazon keeps on selling this on customers when Kindle Fire series is the right product to promote. Do let us know in the comments, whether you would still like to buy an Amazon Paperwhite for reading only.

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