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Is Apple’s iOS 7 A Game Changer?

Is Apple's iOS 7 A Game Changer

Updates for iPhones and iPads have been relatively slow and uneventful for over a year now. In fact, the last real game changer from Apple was probably the iPhone 5, with innovations like the iPad Mini and newer MacBooks impressive, but not exactly revolutionary.

As such, the best news in mobile devices for Apple users has largely come from the outside for the past year or so, brought in through the app store. Flipboard and Pulse made it easier to read the news, BetFair brought real money gambling to mobile devices, and Vine took over social networking – but none of these, of course, were Apple’s own innovations. Enter iOS 7, which looks to be a fairly major advancement for Apple’s mobile devices. Here’s a look at some of the most intriguing features.


    • Multitasking – Apple has been criticized for making multitasking difficult on its devices, but a newer, “smarter” multitask method should alleviate some criticism. Basically, your device will now be able to learn and recognize which apps you use at which times, and have them ready to go for you in the multitasking bay.


    • Control Center – This is a new utility menu that will be available simply by swiping up on your device from any screen. The control center will feature brightness and WiFi controls, a flashlight, music controls, as well as features like your camera, calculator, and the new Airdrop feature.


    • Airdrop – Speaking of this new feature, it’s one of the more exciting ones iOS 7 is bringing to the table. Airdrop allows you to share data with other users in your immediate vicinity simply by pressing “Share” or “Airdrop,” with BlueTooth doing the rest.


    • Notification Center – By swiping down on any screen, you can unveil the new notification center, which is basically a to-do list combined with schedules and alerts. It tells you about missed calls, new emails and messages, as well as events and tasks on your list for a given day.


    • Photo Grouping – Apple mobile devices will now have more logical and organized photo grouping capabilities, with specific classification into “Years,” “Collections,” and “Moments.”


    • iTunes Radio – Now available on Apple mobile devices, there will be a radio feature that acts like a sharper, smarter Pandora radio. Basically, it provides you with a number of stations and music collections, and learns your preferences as you listen.

So, will all of these features constitute a game changer for Apple? Truth be told, the only events that seem to make major waves these days are the announcements of entirely new devices. But given that the iPhone 6 appears to be a year away at minimum, these advancements in iOS 7 are actually pretty exciting for Apple users. In comparison to the dull, never-ending news in new apps and tech rumors, iOS 7 is offering some tangible changes that should improve device use.

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