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Jaja: Pressure Sensitive Stylus for the iPad and Cheaper than a Wacom Stylus

Jaja Pressure Sensitive Stylus

For those tired of buying Wacom Stylus at Apple-like exclusive prices, the Jaja, will not only ease your pockets but offer a much needed feature for the first time on stylus – pressure sensitivity.

Jaja is a stylus project presently on at Kickstarter, the community platform that funds exceptional projects. It was developed by Australia ex-military man Jon Atherton; and has incorporated some unique features that other styluses have failed to offer- Pressure sensitivity. Post-Kickstarter, the stylus is expected to retail at $69 that would roughly fetch 10 Jaja’s for the price of one Wacom Stylus.

Jaja pressure sensitivity stylus will bring greater realistic line drawing for designers or those with a sketching hobby. The stylus is further fortified with two toggle buttons for context-based menu selection giving it a power use option, which is greatly lacking on the iPad for brushes and other tools.

Backed by patent-pending technology – called ‘ii’, which is miniature circuitry that consumes low power and allows styluses to communicate with smart devices– jaja effectively communicates the ‘clicks’ on context-based menus allowing changes in fonts, colors, brushes or other tools.

Project Jaja Stylus also gives the scope to convert any mechanical pencil into a stylus, by just replacing the leads in a standard clutch pencil of 0.5 to 0.9mm thickness to create your own personalized pressure-sensitive Jaja Stylus. To make the stylus more universal, it is being integrated with every app available on appstore.

Smart technology and right pricing of Jaja Stylus, will definitely attract artists who care about function features, aesthetics, performance and price of their styluses. You could catch the inventor’s video here and understand first-hand why Jaja is a start-up project you should back.

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