Kindle 3 Tags Behind New Nook Touch: A First for Amazon and B&N

by Monica Samuel on June 18, 2011

Barnes & Noble seemed to have hit the right notes with the no-nonsense all new Nook Touch. The new Android eReader emulates the simple digital reading experience of the Kindle and has won points for that. In fact, Consumer Reports has given the Nook Touch an extra point over the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi in the 6-7 inch category. Both eReaders are priced at $139.

B&N has caught up with the Kindle in large part by emulating Amazon’s focus on reading with minimal fuss and extra features, reviewer Paul Reynolds wrote for Consumer Reports. He announced that the Nook Touch is more than merely a worthy competitor to the Kindle. The new Nook matches or bests – albeit modestly – its Amazon competitor in almost every aspect of performance. The devices score equally on battery life despite a power struggle between B&N and Amazon over which device runs for longer; both give five days or more.

Consumer Reports scored the all-new Nook one point above the Kindle 3 in the 6-to-7-inch category and 4 to 5 points above other Kindles. What made the Nook slip ahead of Kindle? It was a program that lets users check out e-books from libraries for free.
B&N shouldn’t rest on their laurels though as Consumer Reports also add that Kindle 3 could easily change the balance with future firmware updates. Amazon has also announced it will add a library program later this year. And there may very well be a Kindle 4 in Amazon’s product pipeline too.
[via CNN]

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