Kindle Fire updated to Version 6.3.1

by Anurag R on May 6, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire has just been updated to version 6.3.1 and adds in a number of much awaited features such as password protection on your purchases, and parental controls that make the Kindle Fire much more family friendly than before.

The new Kindle Fire update makes it possible to block access to the Amazon Silk browser outright, and hence you can keep out unwanted intruders into your privacy with this feature. On a similar note, you can disable access to particular content libraries that may be inappropriate for family use.

Other features and tweak include a Reading View in the Silk browser, a la the Safari mode in iOS. The View strips off any excess and unnecessary scripts from your page, and gives you just the text that you want to read without any clutter.
Book Extras by Shelfari make it a lot easier to find out extra facts and information about the books you’re reading, and thus reduces the need to open the browser and painstakingly Google the info you need.
The Movie Rental system has been overhauled as well. Now, instead of the rental period of your movies starting when you download them, you get to start ‘renting’ it only when you start to actually watch it!
To install the update on your Kindle Fire, download the update file from here. It is roughly 200 MB in size and may just take a while, depending on your connection. When it’s done, connect your Kindle Fire to your PC through the separately sold Amazon USB cable, and drag and drop the 200MB update file into the kindleupates folder. After that, unlock the screen of your Fire, go to Quick Settings, tap on More, and then Device. Finally, choose to ‘Update Your Kindle’. After a couple of restarts, your Kindle Fire will be upgraded to version 6.3.1.

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