Kindle for Android updated; Android tablets are biggest beneficiaries

by Anurag R on June 14, 2012

Kindle for Android

The Amazon Kindle app for Android has been updated to version 3.6.0. It brings in minor changes and bug fixes for Android smartphones, but the version for Android tablets will be getting some much needed changes.

The Google Play store has a very wide range of capable ebook reading apps – Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Nook for Android and FB Reader are a few of the names that spring to mind.

The Amazon Kindle app, however, has managed to find a considerable level of popularity of its own. This is despite its familiar format limitations, such as the lack of ePub support, occasionally flaky syncing, and limited support for PDFs. Then again, the Kindle for Android app has an impressively smooth interface while reading eBooks in Amazon’s proprietary MOBI format. Moreover, the unbelievable popularity of the Kindle eReader makes the app a relatively dependable way for a user to keep reading progress synced across his/her Kindle as well as Android device.
However, users of the Kindle app in Android tablets had considerable issues, key among which were the large margins that just couldn’t be adjusted in any way. Most other ebook reader apps have had detailed settings for line/margin spacing, etc. from their very launch. Version 3.6.0, however, will make it possible for a user to make the most of his/her Android tablet’s screen size by optimizing the app’s margins and line spacing. Additionally, it is possible to read two pages side by side in Android tablets now – something that any user of the Kindle app for the iPad or PC would have taken for granted by now.
The updated Kindle for Android app is available here. If you own an Android tablet, you should get the update right away!
The official change log provided by Amazon in the Google Play Store is as follows:
• Tablet users: customize your reading experience with new margin and line spacing controls.
• Tablet users: see two pages side-by-side in landscape mode.
• Fixed a bug that required some users to re-register when returning to the app.
• Several bug fixes.

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