Managing Bookmarks on BlackBerry PlayBook is a Piece of Cake

by Monica Samuel on June 27, 2011

If you own a BlackBerry PlayBook, you must love the ease of managing your bookmarks on the tablet. The PlayBook offers all the features that are otherwise available on the web for bookmark creation, deletion, and relocation.

The home page set for the browser on BlackBerry PlayBook is the My Bookmarks page that displays all your bookmarks in thumbnail view. You can change the view to list by tapping on the View button on the top right. Tap on the Pencil icon at the top right to mark bookmarks and then tap on the Trashcan to delete them.

If you want to access a bookmark while you are browsing, all you do is tap on the golden star for the list. Tapping the star with a green plus adds the current URL to the bookmarks list. On adding a bookmark, you can select from “Add to Bookmarks” or “Add to Home Screen” (adds a thumbnail bookmark to your tab’s home screen). If you want to remove it from the home screen or move it, tap and hold on the icon for some time. The icon begins to pulse. Tap on X to delete or drag to relocate it. Tap on the checkmark on the top left to save your changes.
You might also want your browser to open a website rather than the bookmarks page. To do this, swipe down the bezel, select Options, and change the value of For a New Page Show to My Home Page. In the My Home Page field, enter the desired website’s URL. Options also allows you to change your search engine preference, default font size, text encoding, and Remember open tabs when I start browser setting.
That’s about as easy as it can get.
[via Inside BlackBerry Help Blog]

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Drake June 27, 2011 at 4:17 pm

No. It would be better if I could rearrange my bookmarks inside the bookmarks page. And while I know that they can be arranged on the home screen, that is not where I want them. AAANNND: why cant bookmarks be shared between the wifi AND bridge browser instead of creating duplicates for each one. You need to put more effort into your articles. The playbook is awesome, but organizing bookmarks is not.


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