Mantano Reader – the smoothest app for reading your PDFs and ePubs!

by Anurag R on March 13, 2013

Mantano Premium eReader Android AppReading ebooks on tablets is great in theory, but in reality, it can often be an underwhelming experience.

Lags in rendering PDF files, poor text formatting, compatibility issues, and a lack of customization are rather common gripes in ebook reading apps on the Android platform.

Mantano Reader, however, is a surprisingly good Android app that does away with practically every issue that plagues its competition!
Mantano Reader is a feature rich app that is suitable both for casual ebook readers, as well as power users who want to collaborate on work related documents. There are a number of rich graphical annotations that are made possible by this app, and they can easily be shared with anyone you choose to share them with.
Mantano’s PDF rendering is the best solution available on Android by a mile, according to this writer, and that’s without a hint of exaggeration. Even content rich magazines are a breeze to read with this app, which means that Android smartphones and tablets finally have a valid counterpart to iBooks for iPads and iPhones.
Mantano happens to also have a subscription based cloud syncing solution that lets you access your last read position, annotations and notes. While this is quite similar to the Whispersync feature found in Amazon’s range of Kindle eReaders, Mantano does this for open formats such as ePubs and PDFs, rather than just Amazon’s own MOBI one.
Mantano Reader has a free (‘Lite’) version that is supported by ads, and an ad free version called Mantano Reader Premium. The Mantano Cloud feature needs a separate subscription cost, however.
You can download Mantano Reader Lite for free, or purchase Mantano Reader Premium for $6.99 from Google Play.

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JMD March 15, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Upon upgrading to Jelly Bean, I ran into all sorts of problems with this reader. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still ran into problems. Recently, I uninstalled, deleting all Mantano files on my device, did a manual restart, then reinstalled the app and now it works like a charm. Now that I’ve got it working again, this is by far the best reader on the market. It’s smoother, easier, prettier, and more functional than any of the other Android readers. It only lets you cloud sync with Mantano’s cloud service, which is a pretty crummy downside, but it’s forgiveable given how much better the rest of the app is. All that said, the hassle with upgrading to Jelly Bean and having to start fresh with annotations and library structure is lousy and something that needs to be addressed.
I made a long doc (18 pgs) with a 5+ levels of bulleted list in one of the pages; inserted photos, changed font formatting (different text colors, bold, italics, indentation, left blank pages, etc.) throughout the document… get the idea? Then I saved it as a pdf. WHEN USING “TEXT REFLOW” WITH A NORMAL PDF in phone: 1-Repligo (font formatting accurate, all bullets made to first level, photos ok), 2-Mantano (some colors off, bullets made to first level with missing text, photos ok), 3-ezPDF (bullets made to first level and cramped up all other levels into a paragraph within the corresponding first level, colors were distorted, yellow as orange-or changed to B&W, etc.), 4-Moon+ (colors were gone-text was B&W, bulleted list hard to show and made to first level, no photos). FOR READING NORMAL PDFs (preferring looks/features and NOT NEEDING TEXT REFLOW) in tablet: 1-Mantano (best looks/feel), 2-ezPDF (features), 3-Moon+ (options not found anywhere else: custom margins, variety of backgrounds; but slow, looks were ok), 4-Repligo (fewest features but useful, looks are plain). On my phone (MUST use text reflow): Mantano/Repligo. On my tablet: Mantano/Repligo, then for fun ezPDF/Moon+Reader.


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