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Microsoft brings 256 GB Surface Pro tablet to the US, but with limited availability


Windows Phone Central has managed to dig up a listing for a 256 GB Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet for North America, which lists its price at $1199, bringing a much-requested tweak to the somewhat maligned slate.

There’s a disclaimer though – this new Surface Pro with expanded storage will just be available to business and education consumers for reasons that remain unexplained.

It’s safe to say that the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft haven’t exactly been the best received devices in the recent past.

Apart from all the issues that users had in adapting to the ambitious but slightly half-baked Windows 8 OS, the amount of storage available to the users tended to be a lot, lot less than advertised. This made them even less ideal as laptop replacements than they seemed to be to most new users already.

The 256 GB Surface Pro has no specs changed apart from its storage. This means that it has the same Intel Core i5 CPU, Intel HD graphics, 4 GB of RAM, and a 1080p display.

While this new version of the Surface Pro will be available to its intended target audience in a few days from now, there have been no details revealed about its general availability. In case the Surface tablet’s storage was what had been keeping you off buying it so far, you’ve got to stay tuned till more details emerge.

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