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Microsoft Surface RT gets price cut to $349 at Staples


There have been plenty of rumors about an impending price cut for the Surface RT – the very first tablet created by Microsoft itself that received plenty of brickbats since its launch.

Running a pared down version of the Windows 8 OS, the Surface RT was not a successful rookie effort by any account.

The rumors have now been proved to be true as the 32 GB version of the Surface RT has received a whopping $150 price cut at Staples (for now), and costs just $349.

There may be more to this price cut than meets the eye though. Microsoft has started to roll out an improved version of Windows 8 (dubbed Windows 8.1) with several user complaints and performance issues ironed out from it.

Moreover, a new generation of Surface tablets, powered by Intel’s brand new Haswell processors, is said to be on its way. The new Intel processors are the same that power the new series of Macbooks, and will presumably add at least a few more hours of battery life, along with better performance, to the next Surface RT.

Regardless, if you really are looking for a full size tablet (with Windows and Microsoft Office thrown in for some extra productivity), you may just have reason to give the Surface RT a serious thought with its new $349 price tag.

Then again, the basic iPad Mini retails at $329, and taking all things into account, one can assume that few customers will look beyond the Apple tablet in all likelihood.

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