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Must Have Kindle Fire Apps For Newbies

Must Have Kindle Fire Apps For NewbiesAmazon has a bunch of Kindle Fire apps specifically developed for their tablet.

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that some of the most important apps are specifically designed as Kindle Fire apps for this Amazon Table. Kindle Fire series is one of the most top selling tablet PC’s line up in the U.S. However, a common problem faced by many people is that they don’t know which app to download. So today, we are bringing some must have Kindly Fire apps. So visit Playstore and download these Kindle Fire apps to have a great experience.


Must Have Kindle Fire Apps

1. Netflix and IMDB

An essential app for anyone who wants to access their favorite shows and movies on their Kindle fire. This is one of the most widely used Kindle Fire apps in the U.S. Users having Netflix account can watch their favorite shows and movies, can even pick up from where the left off. Also, how can Netflix be of any use without knowing what to watch. That’s why IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base is also a must have complementary app for Netflix.

2. Mighty Grocery Shopping List

As the name shows, you would have definitely guessed that it is an app that helps you make sure that you have got everything you came for. Not only this but it has coupon alerts, vice recognition, recipe ingredients list. You can also back up these recipe lists on your cloud space! One of the best multi purpose Kindle Fire apps in our opinion.

3.  Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

If you’re in need of new recipes then why not go for the British Chef Jamie Oliver’s meals? This app includes a total of 60 recipes, which include assorted soups, risottos, and stir fries. Another beautiful feature of this app is that the Chef Jamie Oliver will periodically pop up in this app, and gives you tips on on preparing healthier meals. One of the best Kindle Fire apps for busy professionals who don’t have the time to take proper cooking classes.

4. SketchBook Mobile 

It’s a nifty and one of the best drawing and sketching Kindle Fire apps, which gives you a creative freedom. It provides you with a wide variety of colors, brush sizes, layering capabilities. Later on, you can also import your art pieces to doodle!

5. Angry Birds

And here you thought, that we are going to miss this insanely popular game. It’s not only one of the most downloaded Kindle Fire app but it is also one of the most  played game in all the other Android platforms. However, playing it on a large screen super sensitive tablet like Amazon Kindle is most definitely a treat.

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