New HP Tablets Are Set for Release in 2013

by Mike Lata on December 14, 2011

HP TabletDespite the fact that HP claimed to be exiting hardware manufacturing and was rumored to be dropping support for its flagship operating system, WebOS, it seems executives had a change of heart. This isn’t surprising considering how well the HP Touchpad sold after its price was dropped to $99.

XbitLabs reports that the company is busy at work in manufacturing new tablets slated for a 2013 release. However, this time HP will be working with other manufacturers to get the platform onto as much hardware as possible.
According to the report, “Hewlett-Packard said that it would release a new breed of tablets based on webOS operating system in 2013 following its decision to make it open source and share the code with third parties. Apparently, the company still bets on webOS-based tablets, but this time it wants third parties to help it with the platform.”
HP will be making the platform open source according to HP Chief Executive Meg Whitman. She was quoted saying, “We are so excited about webOS and realized that the very best thing to do is to open source the technology, contribute to it and invest in it.”
This means we can look forward to more updates with this interesting operating system. Those of us who got our hands on the Touchpad at a discount should also be glad because it might open the platform up to new ideas. WebOS is an interesting OS simply because it isn’t iOS, Windows or Android.

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Tim C. December 15, 2011 at 6:34 am

”WebOS is an interesting OS because it is one of the few ones in the tablet market that doesn’t run on iOS, Windows or Android.”

Operating systems don’t run other operating systems.

You should’ve said, ”The HP Touchpad is an interesting tablet computer because it is one of the few ones in the tablet market that doesn’t run iOS, Windows, or Android.”


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