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NFC Keyboards to move Smartphones and Tablets from Content-guzzling to Productivity

one2Touch NFC keyboard

As mobile and smartphone adoption rates increase so does the scope for what they are use becomes more comprehensive. These are today more than interactive communication devices and have lent themselves admirably to multi-media content consumption.

However, the touch capacitive screens was a major limitation in making tablets and the smaller screen devices, smartphones, into becoming more productive devices for lack of a full-fledged input device like the keyboard.

Norway-based one2TOUCH, have solved this problem in tablet productivity matrix by developing a silicon-based foldable, full-sized NFC keyboards. NFC and Keyboards, though not synonymous with each other indeed make a unique pairing as these keyboard makers have proved.

The silicon keyboard has a place in the middle for a smartphone to be placed with keyboard stretching along the left and right sides. For the tablets, the design of the keyboard is more conventional and opens up much like a case.

The most important aspect of these keyboards however, is that the tablet or the smartphone has to be in contact along the specified area for it to function. This does not work like Bluetooth pairing or NFC-based distance wallet payment principles.

The scope and application of this innovative keyboard is unlimited. As a host of opportunities arise on how to use these keyboards with popular smartphones and tablets, it needs to be said that they will require drivers to be downloaded from Android Marketplace. As Apple does not offer NFC technology on its devices, these innovative device makers are unable as yet to adopt it for the iPhone or the iPad. The price of these productivity-enabling keyboards is yet to be announced.

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