Nook Color Gets Bluetooth and Calling Capabilities

by Vail Gladu on March 14, 2011

nook colorThe one thing that was holding the rooted Nook Color back (not by much though) was the lack of Bluetooth. Not any more. A hack from CM7 Developer Kmoobs has got the Bluetooth feature working on the device with the latest version of Cyanogen Mod, a custom ROM and he is even making calls with a Bluetooth headset and a Skype-like Android app.

If you’ve forgotten what the device originally was, let’s remind you. Barnes & Noble released the Nook Color eReader into the market last year. The Android reader comes with a color touchscreen and is B&N’s bestselling product of all time. However, once the developer community got working on the reader, it transgressed its eReader capabilities and turned into a tablet with immense possibilities.

Along with Bluetooth, you can also make calls from the device with a SIP account and a Bluetooth headset. If B&N had added a camera we could have even had video calling. Bluetooth is functional over a range of 13″ as of now but the distance should increase with some more work on the feature.

Last month, B&N had stopped shipping the Nook Color for a while. It was speculated that the reason behind the move was to secure the tab with a hard-to-crack lock that would deter developers. In truth, the pause in sales happened because of the reapportioning of available supply so all stores could keep it in stock. The Nook Color is as popular as ever.

B&N’s Nook Color is just about the most affordable and awesome tablet at $250. Of course, you do need to be open to tweaking the device to unleash its full potential.

[via Androidcommunity]

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