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OUYA: A $99 Android Powered Gaming Console

OUYA A $99 Android Powered Gaming Console

OUYA will be the first of its kind. It’s initial models will be based on an Android operating system slightly close to Jelly Bean version. However, good news is that it will be open to rooting without any warranty voiding issue. It is made keeping “Simplicity” in mind as it can be opened using a simple screw driver and is easy to get modified. When the name Android is associated to it, the most obvious thing that comes in mind is a marketplace with lots and lots of free games and applications. This is exactly the case with OUYA. The user will be able to download stuff directly from the store. Another distinct feature of OUYA will be that if a user wants to check a game before actually buying it, the gameplay and story line, whether it interests him or not; he can simply do it by playing its trial version. If he likes the game, he can buy the original one. Similarly, if a user is kind of a good developer, he will be able to develop his own games using OUYAs   tools, which are free and will come with every package.

OUYA Store

Apart from games, this gaming console will have all your favorite apps on a big screen with 1080p resolution, streaming shows, movies, and music directly. OUYA has partnered with Twitch.tv, Crunchyroll, iheartradio, Tuneln, XBMC, Plex and Flixter already and are adding more to their lists.

OUYA Specifications

It comes with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM (most probably DDR3), 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded using USB ports. Its graphics requirements are fulfilled by NVIDIA ULP GeForce chip. It has a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an Ethernet Port. And 4 players can simultaneously get connected and play using this smart console.

OUYA Console & Joypad

Chances Against The Old Giants

The specs of this device clearly tells that it doesn’t hold any chances against PlayStation 4 and the upcoming version of Microsoft’s Xbox series specification wise. What else could someone give in $99. However, price, easier gameplay, more easily available free games, apps, android interface and certain other “Simple” features may give OUYA’s popularity a significant boost to kick off sales.

OUYA: A $99 Android Powered Gaming Console on April 28, 2016 rated 4.6 of 5

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