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Pros and Cons of the Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard

Zaggmate iPad2 Case

The Zaggmate with integrated keyboard is the perfect complement to the iPad for those who want the ultimate in protection and style. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the case comes in Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth versions.

 The sleek finish mimics the iPad’s own metallic exterior, so the two can seamlessly merge to look like one stylish device. This is a refreshing and a definitely sturdier option than your usual leather or faux leather iPad folios.


The Zaggmate with keyboard case manages to distinguish itself from other folios with its sharp corners, its sleek exterior, spacious keyboard, which is similar in size to most notebooks. However, the Zaggmate takes it a notch higher by reserving special function keys unique to the iPad such as Home, Search, and Slide show functions. There is also the F button, which is used for specially applications.

Charging the keyboard, which is powered by a 510-mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, is easy with the included micro USB cable. The LED light that glows blue indicates charging, and the keyboard automatically turns off after it has finished charging. The LED indicator light will also flash red when the battery is low.

The keyboard is designed so that you can flip up the plastic stand and use the case as a tabletop stand for the iPad. You can fold it down when not in use. The groove in front of the stand is where the iPad goes so that it rests on a standing position.

Zaggmate iPad Case with Keyboard


The Zaggmate case comes with a hard, sturdy shell, so it offers more protection than your typical leather case. The multi functionality of the case is another plus. Aside from being a carrying case, it is a keyboard and stand in one. Most iPad folios serve as stands, and you often have to bring a separate keyboard along. Having the iPad and keyboard in one unit is definitely cleaner and more convenient especially for travelling. Despite the case and the keyboard, the device weighs a mere .37 kg, a lot less than your standard notebook, which makes this more ideal for long trips on the road.


One of the most common sources of complaints is the thin piece of metal that comprises the USB connection on the side. Users have to be careful in attaching and disconnecting the cable, since the slightest tug can dislodge the connector. Another disadvantage is that when you use the case as a stand the back of the iPad is left unprotected. You can easily remedy this by covering the back of the iPad with a scratch free protective film. The notebook-sized keyboard may also be a tad too small for users with large hands.

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